June 2, 2005

Tomorrow night at 8:15 EST, I am going to be interviewed about Gay Haiku on Derek and Romaine, a show on Sirius OutQ internet radio, channel 149. I don’t quite understand how internet radio stations work, but if you’re interested in listening and you’re not a Sirius member, you can go to the Sirius web site and sign up for a three-day trial (and they won’t automatically bill you after the three days are over).

Keep in mind that I will have just come from teaching aerobics, possibly without having had time to take a shower, and so I will either look sweaty and sexy or smell really bad. Not that either of these aspects will translate over the medium of internet radio, but still, you can hold whichever picture you like in your mind’s eye, or switch back and forth between them depending on how you’re feeling about me at any given point during the interview.

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June 1, 2005

This is the second online quiz result I have ever posted. The first was almost two years ago, about what my medieval name would be, and I posted it mostly because it said I was “only violet when provoked.”

But today I came across a quiz I couldn’t resist, and so now I can tell you which antipsychotic drug I am:

You are GEODON! Your snazzy new wave antics have landed you a solid place in the mainstream. The problem is that you make all the cuties (QTs) long for you. You are an effective, special person who likes to help.

Which antipsychotic drug are you?
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In the interests of full disclosure, I will reveal that the first time I took the quiz I was Thorazine, but I didn’t like that result, so I went back and took the quiz again. Now I am Geodon.

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