November 5, 2008

Shortly after Senator McCain’s concession speech last night, I called my father, whom I’ve discussed before in the pages of this blog. He fought on the front lines of the civil rights movement in Mississippi in the 1960s and along with my mother was instrumental in the twenty-year extension of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He recently turned 70 years old, and though he hasn’t stopped fighting for justice–mostly in the field of labor law these days–the predations that began with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 have taken their toll.

So rather than share my thoughts on last night’s events, I’ll share his:

“You know how people say, ‘I never dreamed I would see something like this in my lifetime’?

“Well, I did.

“And then there came a time when I stopped dreaming, because things changed.

“And tonight I’m dreaming again. I’m so excited about the future, and so full of hope.

“And Faustus, you’ve got a great country ahead of you.”

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10 Responses to Shortly after Senator McCain’s concession speech last night

  1. Jen says:

    What an amazing perspective. Thanks for sharing!

    Here’s hoping all our dreams come true

  2. John says:

    After last night, I thought I was cried out, but this made me well up again. How lucky you are to have Atticus Finch as a father. And how lucky he is to have you as a child. I’ll leave it to you whether you want to be Jem or Scout. Oh, who am I kidding? You’re being fitted for a ham costume even as I write this, aren’t you?

  3. Jen: Here’s hoping right along with you.

    John: Well, yes, but the problem is that gaining enough weight to make it impossible to take it off by myself is really out of the question, which means I wouldn’t be wearing it on the walk home, and we all know what would happen then.

  4. initials says:

    Herr Doktor… For once, I was going to leave well enough alone and not comment on a post, just share in the good feelings and move on. However, you managed to work a rape joke into your comments, so I just had to take off my hat to you. Also, thanks for posting again! I’ve missed your particular brand of snark terribly of late.

  5. Johnboy says:

    Not to worry, Faustus. I am sending you all the (multiple pounds) of leftover Halloween candy I had. Seriously.

    You’re welcome!

  6. anne marie in philly says:


    as for GWB, don’t let the door hit ya in the ass as you leave!

  7. JudithNYC says:

    I am in love with your father.

  8. Aidan says:

    Love you. Love your Daddy. Love this Country. Love, Love, Love.

  9. initials: What’s a blog post without a good rape joke?

    Johnboy: Why has it not arrived yet? I’m waiting.

    JudithNYC: He is, unfortunately, taken, but then again that’s what unfortunate accidents are for.

    anne marie in philly and Aidan: YES!

  10. Becky says:

    Having read Swish along with your blog, I knew a bit about your father. On election night, when it was called for Obama and I began to cry, I thought of what it would have meant to my parents to see that day come. Since they aren’t here anymore, I thought of your father and his efforts in the struggle for civil rights, and I hoped that he was somewhere feeling really happy. Thanks for letting us know he was.


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