October 23, 2002

I finally posted my Drip personal ad. (If you don’t know the back story for this one, read the original post before continuing—this will be very confusing otherwise.)

I quote my ad here, verbatim, in its entirety.

sex: m
seeking: m
age: 29 (born Jan. 12, 1973)
occupation: spy
education: yes
interests: civil rights, chocolate, the undead
neighborhood: Mr. Rogers’
favorite vacation spot: the Land of Nod
favorite time of day: Actually, I prefer parsley, sage, and rosemary.
favorite drink at Drip: Oreo milkshake
musical preference:the soundtrack to Powertool 2.
biggest turn-on: revolution and wonder. Also when a cute guy licks my ears.
biggest turn-off: avarice of spirit, poor spelling
ideal weekend plans: go to Venice, spend a carefree weekend among the canals, and return to find my enemies gone to rack and ruin
typical weekend plans: play with my dog, wish I were important enough to have enemies
looks: matter/don’t matter/shouldn’t matter but they do Oh, Mary, please.
self-description: [Refer to “about me” section on the right-hand side of the blog. There are only so many amusing things I have to say about myself.] Also, I am [height suppressed], [weight suppressed], [hair color suppressed], and a bottom.
looking for:

So that’s done, graven in photocopied and laminated paper, as it were.

With my luck, the guy I was after with this will find some unpardonable solecism in my Middle Egyptian and be totally turned off.

Either that or he will have fallen madly in love since placing his ad and moved with his partner to Saskatchewan.

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11 Responses to I finally posted my Drip

  1. mike says:

    Sorry darling, but that “time” gag is just too awful.

    Are there support groups for the Hair Colour Suppressed, I wonder?

  2. Faustus, MD says:

    Well, he answered “4:49 a.m.,” and, rack my brain though I might, I couldn’t come up with anything to top that, so I went with the lame answer.

    I think the Republican Party is a support group for the Hair Color Suppressed.

  3. You know who says:

    Don’t know if you saw the first entry in response to your blog entry but I emailed you today… 🙂

  4. D.R. says:

    Aw, I still think that’s real pretty. Given your proficiency in Middle Egyptian, you should have no problem snagging yourself a man.


  5. PatCH says:

    After spending all the energy figuring out the hieroglyphics, i’d say it’s time to move to Saskatchewan and try to get a few restraining orders placed against you. Yah?

    Best of luck!

  6. adam807 says:

    You are SUCH a dork. How could he not fall madly in love?

  7. Jeff says:

    And if he does not fall in love with you madly, then he is simply a twit.

  8. Dino says:

    If I was in Manhattan and saw your Drip ad I would’ve fallen madly in love with a witty guy like you. 😉 Ah me!

  9. edie says:

    Oh, Doc, you rock! You should have NO problem snagging your object of desire! You are perfect. So much so that I wish I were a gay man or you were a straight one, because we’d have a beautiful life together. ; )
    Did you supress the physical info just from us or from the ad too? If from the ad, I just hope that men are not as alarmingly superficial as straight ones, who seem interested only in looks. *sigh*

  10. Choire says:

    Mmm. 4:49 is an awesome time. He’s so right. He’s YOURS BABY, ALL YOURS!

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