May 21, 2005

Also, Carolyn McCormack didn’t look a day older than she did on her first appearance on Law & Order in 1990.

Whatever she’s taking, I want some.

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3 Responses to Also, Carolyn McCormack didn’t look

  1. Jill Smith says:


  2. D says:

    You realize you love her so much you have spelled her name incorrectly on two occasions, now.

  3. Jill: Dr. Olivet would never be so insecure about aging that she would resort to botox. I, on the other hand . . .

    D: I assume you’re referring to the “a” instead of the “i” in my spelling of her last name. Actually, though gives both spellings, prefers “McCormack.” I suspect that she was born with the “a” but that people probably used the “i” frequently enough that she just changed it for film purposes. Or perhaps it’s a SAG or Equity issue. If I have her in class again I’ll make sure to ask her.


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