I’ve worked as a composer for the musical theater since moving to New York. To the right are MP3s from some of the projects I’m working on: Postcards From Another Planet, a set of one-acts with words by Rachel Sheinkin; Signs of Life, a musical about the Czech ghetto Terezín (also known as Theresienstadt) during the second world war, with book by Peter Ullian and lyrics by Len Schiff; and various and sundry cabaret numbers. If you’re interested in sheet music for these or any other songs, just e-mail me and I’ll be happy to help you however I can.

Postcards From Another Planet

I’m currently working on several musical theater projects. On of them is Postcards From Another Planet, a set of three interconnected one-acts with book and lyrics by Rachel Sheinkin. In “Blood Drive,” a proofreader goes to give blood and finds a nurse he doesn’t expect. In “Temporary,” the nurse goes to a temp agency looking for work with less attachment. And in “Postcards From Another Planet,” the temp-agency worker goes to an ophthalmologist to learn whether her girlfriend loves her — and meets a psychic and a man who might want to become a phlebotomist. Each act features a quotidian quest that unearths a deeper longing on the part of the characters, who are looking either to find or to escape from connection and who, despite themselves, keep tripping over the miraculous in the mundane.

Signs of Life

Another project I’m working on is Signs of Life, a musical about the Nazi propaganda camp with lyrics by Len Schiff and book by Peter Ullian. The Jews who were deported to the Czech camp Terezín in 1943 are the intellectual and artistic elite of Europe. Even in the camp, many are convinced that what has happened to them is simply a terrible misunderstanding. However, when the Nazis “beautify” the camp in preparation for a visit from the Red Cross (which is completely duped by the sham with which it is presented), the camp inmates are forced to face the reality: they probably will not survive the war. They react by telling the real truth through art and music — and by finally discovering the humanity in each other, and in themselves.


I also write cabaret songs, sometimes with my own lyrics and sometimes working with other lyricists.

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