March 29, 2005

In the last few days, this man and this man have shown boundless generosity. Independently of each other, they offered to put me in touch with their respective connections at gay periodicals so that I might pitch a story about or a review of Gay Haiku, which is now being published in just over a month.

This led me to realize that some of the other readers here may be equally generous and well-connected. (I have experienced first-hand the generosity of several of the readers here, but in a context unsuitable for book publicity.)

So here is the favor I’m going to ask of you: if you 1) enjoy reading my blog and 2) know people who work for gay publications (print or internet), would you consider emailing me and letting me know? Then, depending on what you feel is appropriate, I or my publicist could make whatever approach seems best, in whatever way you feel most comfortable with–whether it means your emailing your contacts and asking whether they’d be interested in doing a piece on the book, or just letting them know we’ll be getting in touch, or whatever else you think would work best.

Thank you, in advance. I wish I could offer my sexual favors as recompense, but, alas, E.S. would be displeased. Maybe I can at least secretly videotape us in the act and send you a copy. But first I have to lose seven pounds.

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6 Responses to In the last few days,

  1. Brian says:

    Dr. Faustus, anything for you!

  2. Toronto Girl says:

    Drop me a line for a name at the gay newspaper in canada… By the way I adore your blog – I’m sending all my friends to read it.

  3. David says:

    I went over to to check on your book and now I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I also loved the “About the Author” section. I wasn’t sure if the “various cities in between” part was a joke, but then I read the last sentence.

    So when I buy a copy, will you sign it for me? Oh, and who did your cover art? It’s cute.

  4. Joe says:

    The Guardian Online (UK based) has a haiku section (,5917,124810,00.html) which advertises some haiku books. I don’t know whether it’s helpful but you may want to send them your press release/publicity.

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