March 28, 2005

On Friday I went to see Ice Princess, a woefully bad movie in which Michelle Trachtenberg, who played Buffy’s little sister Dawn, turns down admission to Harvard to become a figure skater.

The theater was full of ten-year-old girls who should have been in school on a weekday afternoon; their delinquency was clearly sanctioned, however, as they were all accompanied by their mothers.

I sat next to two such girls and their parent. As soon as the opening credits were over, one of the girls announced loudly, “I’m the Ice Princess!”

Her sister objected. “No, I’m the Ice Princess!”

“No, I am!”

“No, me!”

Their beleaguered mother, caught between them, sighed wearily and said, “Girls, you’re both the Ice Princess.” This quieted them for a moment.

“No, I am!” the first one proclaimed.

Clearly I had to take matters into my own hands. I leaned over to them. “Girls, you’re both wrong. I am the Ice Princess.”

That shut them all up.

Oh, God, I wish that story were true. I mean, everything is true up to the point at which I speak. I totally wasn’t brave enough to say that.

Which means I guess that I am probably not the Ice Princess.

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12 Responses to On Friday I went to

  1. Jess says:

    The kids may have been off from school, due to Good Friday (it’s this Christian religious thing, or so I’m told).

    As for your designation, you’re royalty in my heart. “Ice Princess” sounds too cold, but you certainly deserve to wear whatever tiara happens to be lying about. 😉

  2. David says:

    You didn’t turn down your own Ivy League admission to become a figure skater. At best, you are a Book Princess.

  3. Anonymous says:

    One question: Why would you even want to watch such a movie?

  4. Brian says:

    Once you’re a queen, I believe royal law forbids you from stepping down to become a princess.

  5. anapestic says:

    I have always pictured you as the Queen of the Night. Those Fs are no problem for you, right?

  6. Hugo says:

    Pray tell – what made you decide to see Ice Princess?
    If not a princess, you’re a brave man for sharing.

  7. David says:

    I wouldn’t have expected much from a movie starring Miss Trachtenberg. She sucked the life out of Buffy, I figured she’s do the same for any other project she was a part of. Yeah, she sucks.

  8. James says:

    You may not be an ice princess, but you’re still a princess.

  9. hot toddy says:

    Why is everyone so surprised that you went to see Ice Princess? I mean…. how could you not?

  10. sam says:

    Drat, beaten to stating the obvious again.

  11. Andy says:

    A couple years ago when I was living in Zurich and desperately homesick I went to see “Dude, Where’s My Car?” for nostalgia’s sake. I was the only person in the theater who wasn’t a 13 year old girl. The film was subtitled in German, so I laughed at different times than everyone else.

  12. Adam875 says:

    I understand you wanting to see Ice Princess, but not why you’d pay $10 for it instead of waiting for rental, and more importantly why you’d go to a movie aimed at 12-year-old girls during Spring Break!


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