March 10, 2009

From the always-delightful Fail Blog:


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6 Responses to From the always

  1. Jeff says:

    Brilliant. Is it denial or a failure of imagination?

  2. Esther says:

    It’s abject stupidity and ignorance.

    I think she should leave some condoms with the magazine. Problem solved, no?

  3. Landon says:

    There’s got to be an FML about this from the son’s perspective.

  4. Sailor Mike says:

    Mom is in for a big shock
    She may not be ready for it

  5. Aidan says:

    What can she do about it? Well, for starters, the nosey fucking bitch can stay the fuck out of his room? And if that isn’t an option, she can take a bottle or two of valium, slit her wrists and step into a hot bath.

    Sorry. I know I’m usually Mr. Love and Puppies, but today I’m more the Electrocute the Morons sort of reader.

    Love you!

  6. Jeffrey says:

    Thankfully for her, pregnancy is not a problem she needs to worry about as far as her son is concerned. She might want to check her oxygen level though, because clearly she’s too stupid to remember to breathe.


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