August 11, 2006

At first I thought the Rapture Index was a joke.

Then I realized it was in deadly earnest, and I can’t go outside today.

Or ever.

(Thanks to him for the link.)

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4 Responses to At first I thought the Rapture Index was a joke

  1. anapestic says:

    I know that in New York you can get anything you need and/or want delivered, but is that also true in Brooklyn?

  2. Hanuman1960 says:

    That site was scary!

    How sad that some people take that book so literally…

  3. birdfarm says:

    Huh. I’ve studied this intently for several minutes (since I really should be writing a paper), and have identified the most puzzling categories as #32, “Mark of the Beast,” and #33, “Beast Government.”

    Here are the notes on the current ratings in each of those two categories:

    32 Mark of the Beast:

    The U.S. Patriot Act has failed to get enough

    votes for extension.

    33 Beast Government:

    The possibility of the EU reforming into a

    smaller group of core nations has updated

    this category.

    When R comes home, I’ll have to ask her about this. As a former student at a prominent Bible college, she is a great resource for this kind of thing. I’ll keep you posted.

  4. David says:

    Oh my god, I love this!


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