July 4, 2006

Out of curiosity, I am conducting a survey. If you were to answer the question here, I would be eternally in your debt.

(The free survey software I used allows only fifty responses, so if you’re number 51 or higher then I can offer you only the impulse to be eternally in your debt. I understand that isn’t worth much, but times, as they say, is hard.)

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7 Responses to Out of curiosity, I am conducting a survey

  1. Maddog says:

    I didn’t know, but thanks to the internet I do now. More importantly why do you ask?

  2. will says:

    Consider yourself indebted.

  3. campbell says:

    That was EASY! Ask me another.

  4. nick says:

    Can I ask why you are asking such a question?

    Whilst I do know about it, it seems silly, its an oxymoron.

  5. sdf says:

    why does it have to be an oxymoron? just because the term has prophylaxis and post-exposure in it doesn’t necessarily mean the prophylaxis is meant to hinder exposure (which is doesn’t), but rather the consequences of the exposure. makes sense for me.

    but, faustus: did you ask the question because of the reason we all fear – or was it just cusiosity?

  6. Fear not. It really is only out of curiosity. I’m fine.

  7. anapestic says:

    My initial response, of course, was “eww,” but then I began to wonder: just what percentage of TSfLiM readers have had erotic fantasies about Imelda Marcos and are willing to admit it?


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