October 14, 2005

My computer comes back today. Apparently they were able to save most of my data. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the data I need is a proper subset of the data they were able to save. And, in the end, the price was slightly less astronomically high than I expected it would be. Not much, mind you–I still have to scrap my plan to buy a new computer–but at least I’ll be able to eat something other than Top Ramen noodles for the next year.

And, now that my computer will be back, of course the first thing I’m doing is going with E.S. to South Carolina, where I’m from. It’s entirely possible that he will meet my Uncle Bubba.

So if the world explodes between tomorrow and Thursday morning, when we’re scheduled to return, you’ll know why.

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11 Responses to My computer comes back today.

  1. mathyogi says:

    Props for using “proper subset” in casual blogging.

  2. David says:

    Good luck with the data, and have a Bubba-licious time in SC.

  3. John says:

    I’m just glad someone else has an Uncle Bubba too. That makes me feel much better.

  4. Congratulations, that’s fabulous news!

    As for a new computer, I’m thinking of doing the same and charging to an existing credit card. I also plan to get a credit card 0% APR to transfer that balance and pay it off in monthly installments.

    Enjoy South Carolina and Uncle Bubba but do keep in touch.


  5. Ruby says:

    I missed your posts so much. So even when you are in South Carolina, I demand that you post here.

    Don’t make me come after you! 😉

    Have a great time there, and say hi to E.

  6. VB says:

    I miss the sex. This blog could use a little adult-themed content. How’s the sex with E.S.? Has he forbidden you from writing about it?

  7. Pam says:

    Have a blast !

  8. chris says:

    VB, great idea, i think faustus should write about sex with uncle bubba.

  9. Sin says:

    I’ll see your Uncle Bubba and raise him one Aunty Puppoo.

  10. birdfarm says:

    That is one bizarre set of comments. A credit card ad (?), sex, uncle Bubba, math (?) terminology, and of course, Aunty Puppoo.


  11. Mush says:

    I’m just glad you got your damn laptop back.

    P.S. I went to college with a chick called Bubba.


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