November 29, 2002

Trust New York City to have not one but two gay cheerleading squads. I found a second one called Cheer NY that has tryouts in a week and a half. (There’s actually a third called New York Twisters, based on Long Island, but a) they don’t have a web site and b) I’d have to go to Long Island.)

No power on earth is going to keep me away from the Cheer NY tryouts, especially since they don’t have bios of their members on the web site and therefore I can’t be certain that they’re all dancers and gymnasts and former college cheerleaders who will make me feel like a totally inadequate loser at the tryouts. The problem, of course, is that if there are two gay cheerleading squads in New York, what if one is the cool one and one is the loser one? And what if I end up on the loser one?

And I have no idea how to find out which is which. I can’t very well call these squads up and say, “Excuse me, are you the cool gay cheerleading squad or the loser one?” And neither web site has enough information from which to extrapolate. The New York Spirit Project marches in the Gay Pride parades, which makes me think they are the cool one. Cheer NY seems to be affiliated with the Gay Games team, which makes me think they are the cool one.

Oh, what’s a little fag to do?

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4 Responses to Trust New York City to

  1. Babycakes, check your email…

  2. adam807 says:

    How does a cheer squad exist by itself? Don’t they need to cheer FOR something?

  3. Jane says:

    Doc, this is the first time I’m reading your blog, but you’ve already got this former-cheerleader hooked. Good luck at the tryouts! (I don’t know whether it’s a demonstration of my perseverance or just plain sad, but I tried out for the squad three times before I made it. I eventually became captain over that hoarde of bitchy teenagers.) Another funny coincidnce: while at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, I came across part of my old uniform and tried it on: still fits! Now THAT is something to cheer about. 😀

  4. sean says:

    What to do?
    Find out which team uses the bigger pom-poms.

    Abd have fun asking.


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