July 8, 2009

MARY MURPHY: I just couldn’t hold myself in!
CAT DEELEY: You didn’t! You didn’t, Mary, you didn’t hold yourself in.

This exchange from tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance may be the best thing I have seen on television in a long, long time.

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3 Responses to MARY MURPHY

  1. lee says:

    Only the truth.

    Second best was Mary saying, “I would have raised by eyebrows. But I can’t do that anymore. Too much Botox.”

  2. initials says:

    Sometimes, I’m very glad I cook compulsively instead of watching much TV. As entertaining as all this sounds, the idea of paying rapt attention whilest a taut aligator bag of a C-list celeb with a personality as interesting as wet cardboard shake her ass horrifies me beyond imagining.

  3. initials says:

    … But if it makes you feel any better, I’m gay-fat. Please forgive my incorrect rendering of the English language above. šŸ˜‰


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