September 3, 2005

Okay, I was totally lying. I didn’t catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The instant I put the cap on, I actually ran to the mirror to see how I looked.

Which was, as I have said, stunningly cute.

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13 Responses to Okay, I was totally lying.

  1. quietus says:

    Hi! First visit here. Love what you’ve done with the place. I think I’ll be dropping in again from time to time. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. Jenna says:

    Wait a minute. I’m confused. You’re dating someone who wears a baseball cap???

  3. matt says:

    picture, please.

  4. Brian says:

    People that look good in hats piss me off.

  5. Um…I just want ot knwo when you weren’t cute?

  6. Bleary says:

    Every good gay boy should have a designer label baseball cap for bad hair days. It’s essential

  7. bill says:

    What a totally delightful, brittle ‘n’ witty site
    Thank you

  8. Jess says:

    Someone already as cute as you must be stunning in a backward baseball cap. I love that look on young hotties! 🙂

  9. Mike says:

    You’re so full of it…..but hey it’s your blog.

  10. Stairs says:

    “Every good gay boy should have a designer label baseball cap for bad hair days. It’s essential”

    Whereas in Europe, a gay boy with a baseball cap simply doesn’t know how to dress himself. I love contrasts.

  11. birdfarm says:

    Speaking of contrasts, here in Wisconsin, a backward baseball cap says “frat boy.”

    So, come to think of it, does a forward, sideways, or any other kind of baseball cap.

    But as others have noted, you’re never not stunningly cute. You’d even make a cute frat boy. Hmmm… perhaps that’s a good premise for your next porn film?

  12. David says:

    The backward baseball cap look is also an essential look for those of us who are follicle-y(?) challenged above the eyebrows. It takes off years.

  13. KB says:

    Oh my G-O-D! I saw you wearing that cap – and was marginally shocked at first glance. Now, I know why … you had never worn a baseball cap that way before.

    But, also – cuz I, too, hate people who look good in hats/caps.

    …Especially those of you who remain eternally ADORABLE in them.


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