July 13, 2005

Okay, folks. Faustus here, dropping in momentarily from the wilds of Connecticut to ask that you refrain from criticizing my guest bloggers. You’re welcome to be as mean to me in this space as you like, but people I have invited into my electronic home are a different story. If you don’t enjoy what the Guest Bloggers I Wish I Could Sleep With write (I myself thought Lauren’s posts were hysterical and am finding Matt’s game exhilarating), by all means don’t read it, but I insist that you do them the courtesy of not complaining about it in this space.

Thanks. Now back to your regularly scheduled program. I have hours and hours of rewrites ahead of me this evening.

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6 Responses to Okay, folks. Faustus here, dropping

  1. Jeff says:

    Oh my, such a clear sign that some of us haven’t taken the opportunity to drink from the fountain of Couth, that they would berate the people who are, in fact, doing double duty by blogging here and there (there being wherever they blog regularly).

    Anyway, you know what I’m going to suggest as a reasonable solution: destroy. Flaying alive. Yadda yadda. Insert image of Dark Willow® here.

    Besides, anyone who forces me to consult the dictionary (see “lipogram”) gets my vote.

  2. I hope my comments weren’t taken as complaints. I was just chipping in to the “jeux d’esprit.”

  3. mike says:

    *the penny drops*

    Lipograms! I love them! Why did I not spot this earlier?

  4. matt says:

    [Pascale] No indeed. Who could object to someone using a pun as brazen as “vowel play”?

  5. ChanelBaby says:

    Oh dear, I feel terrible now. Please do accept my apology Matt. You are utterly correct and I was being petulant. I do not (or at least should not) for one moment believe that anyone owes me anything.

  6. Mushlette says:

    That doctor, he’s such a good dad!


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