August 17, 2003

I was all set to write a post about how in the morning I have my certification test to become an aerobics instructor (or, as this man would properly insist, a group fitness instructor), but my ability to think clearly seems to have deserted me utterly in the face of the burning question towards which I am bending all of my energy:

Who is Faustus, Jr.?

Someone using that moniker has now twice left comments for me. I’m trying to figure out if this attempt actually succeeded somehow, and produced a child capable of dashing off witty and urbane epigraphs at age two, or if this is some sort of Patricia Highsmith Boy Who Followed Ripley thing, in which case perhaps I ought to be slightly concerned.

In any case, let’s just hope my mind can wrench itself away from this confounding conundrum enough to pass the test tomorrow. Of course, assuming that all the other people taking the test will also be cute gay men, my mind will have to wrench itself away from more than this confounding conundrum if it is to focus on the test.

At the same time, the practice test, which I took yesterday and passed, contains questions like the following:

“Which of the following is NOT a probable cause of common injuries associated with group exercise classes?

A. Inferior choreography
B. Proper instruction
C. Poor body mechanics
D. Muscle asymmetry”

So I’m probably okay either way.

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5 Responses to I was all set to

  1. shahjay says:

    Good luck Faustus, semoga berjaya! But I keep picturing you dressed like Irene Cara in Fame, I wonder why?

  2. David says:

    And to think, all this time I have been thinking of aerobics instructors as airheads. Who would have known they had to take a written tests with those poorly constructed “which-of-the-following-is-not” multiple choice questions, where some poor soul will think the following:

    “No, proper instruction does not cause injuries, so it is not the correct answer.”

    I am now seeing why many aerobics instructors have graduate degrees. They are the only ones that can get through the test.

  3. Faustus, Jr. says:

    Sorry about that. I was just passing by and could not think of an amusing name to use. Hope you accept my apologies. No significance to the name at all. Carry on.

  4. tim says:

    the answer is B

  5. Wayne says:

    E. Another Jane Fonda


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