June 9, 2003

I have only one thing to say today, which overshadows all other happenings of the day:

Bernadette Peters was robbed. Robbed robbed robbed.

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6 Responses to I have only one thing

  1. JW says:

    I agree. I agree, I agree, I agree. Not that the “Hairspray” gal wasn’t charming and bubbly and etc. etc., but Bernadette Peters was downright brilliant. Once more the Tony voters got it wrong . . . .

  2. Um you are both wrong. Bernadette was good as Mama Rose but I wasn’t impressed. Marissa lit up the stage…

  3. One who judges harshly says:

    Robbed of …. her voice?


  4. RM says:

    I am not clear on why so many people seem to feel that Mama Rose needs to be played by someone with a big voice. Angela Lansbury, Linda Lavin and Bernadette all have smaller voices, and all have been acclaimed by some (or all) critics for their take on the role.

    In some ways, Bernadette’s emotionally wrought belt felt so much more affecting than some big trumpet-like voice would have been. Her Mama Rose was so scary and horrifying because on the surface she seemed so seductive and beguiling, rather than bulldozing. Her will of steel was couched in a sexy and charming demeanor, and that made her breakdown at the end even more devastating, because she suddenly seemed so weak. Her singing style just reinforced this take on the character.

  5. Adam807 says:

    You wanna talk robbed? Where was Kerry Butler’s nomination??

  6. You wanna talk about robbed….where was MY nomination?….oh wait I did nothing last yaer


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