April 29, 2003

I spent the evening working on the musical I’m writing about a concentration camp. More specifically, I spent the evening writing a love song sung by a Nazi to the Angel of Death.

I feel kind of gross.

I guess that’s a good thing.

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4 Responses to I spent the evening working

  1. Jon says:

    Oh man, Faustus, I wish you had come with me to London to see “Jerry Springer, The Opera.” You would have really appreciated the scene where the tap dancing Ku Klux Klanners set a cross on fire.

  2. DW says:

    Is the angel of death/solider thing a gay romance?

    Gay Nazi love story would be hot.

    I am having visions of Rolf from “The Sound of Music” now.

  3. wKen says:

    I saw a gay porn video recently at a party that revolved around neo nazis. It was very bizarre to me, but some found it hot. There was a rape-at-gunpoint scene that ended with the raped man getting the gun and raping the nazi in return that seemed very popular. Not my style of porn, though.

  4. Faustus, MD says:

    Jon, I must say I’m relieved not to have seen Jerry Springer. DW, the Angel of Death is a woman in this piece, and the overall effect is, I hope, creepy and disturbing rather than hot. wKen, I’ve been to some strange parties in my time but I’m thankful to have missed that one.


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