March 20, 2003

So I was in therapy, talking with my therapist about my obsessive fear that if I’m not perfect in every way then everyone will hate me. He told an illuminating story about walking with a friend in Central Park and looking up at a tree that at some point in its long life had had a chunk taken out of it or been struck by lightning or something and had therefore grown in a really interesting way.

“The point,” he said, “is that when something is imperfect or marred, it can grow with that fault into a thing of beauty. I mean, you don’t look at a tree and go, ‘Yuck!'”

And I was like, “Speak for yourself, buddy.”

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3 Responses to So I was in therapy,

  1. PeeWee says:

    This reminds me of Barbara Walters when she asked Katharine Hepburn “if you were a tree, what kind would you be?”

  2. überchick says:

    um, i may have this wrong, but aren’t you supposed to be the one telling illuminating stories about yourself and your friends? good therapists are so hard to find these days…

  3. edie says:

    Yep, sometimes trees are just ugly.


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