January 2, 2005

Before I went to Beverly Hills, I promised my aerobics students that I would come back with a new routine. This morning I made good on my promise. The new routine comprised several steps I had either altered or made up myself; I felt justified, therefore, in naming them.

And so today I took my students through a routine that consisted of the following moves:

Xena (twice)
Wonder Woman
Catwoman (Around the World)

And for a few moments during class, even I thought I was too gay.

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16 Responses to Before I went to Beverly

  1. matt says:

    I demand that you give a fuller description of these steps. My own classes are crying out for a “Catwoman around the world”!

  2. Sin says:

    I want to know EXACTLY what “Supergirl” is, because I used to have a massive crush on her.

  3. Brian says:

    Aerobics as an empowerment tool for women! You should pursue grant funding to offer this as a program in the NYC public school system.

    I hope the Wonder Women move involved doing squats while pretending to fly your Invisible Jet.

  4. i. bendito says:

    Nothing for your more advanced students?

    The Liza? The Baby Jane?

  5. matt: Watch for my upcoming video, Exercise With the League of Justice, and you will learn all.

    Sin: Watch for my upcoming video, Exercise With the League of Justice, and you will learn all.

    Brian: I should have a show on Lifetime, shouldn’t I?

    i. bendito: This is a basic class. The routine for the advanced class will involve not only the Liza and the Baby Jane but also the Judy, the Norma Desmond, and the Anne Baxter.

  6. Jeffrey says:

    You’re a wonder, Wonder Faustus.

  7. jon collins says:

    the burning question for me is whether the Catwoman is a variation on the Julie Newmar or the Eartha Kitt?

  8. azura says:


  9. Jeffrey: I’ll get you out from under, too.

    jon: What if it’s a variation on the Halle Berry?

    azura: I agree 100%.

  10. christopher says:

    Please, God, don’t let it be a version of the Halle Berry. Please let it be a version of the Michelle Pfeifferererfer. PLEASE?!

  11. Jalal says:

    Ahhhhhh, the best of feelings.

  12. livinghigh says:

    nononononon… i do not go for halle berry, either… it’s michelle all the way.. but then, on second thought, michelle didnt have any sexy sultry moves in her version… damn.

  13. H's H says:

    In my own aerobics class, there’s this track where all the instructor says is “It’s Superman time!” and we all know instinctively which track and what moves that we need to do.

  14. I hate to say too gay, because those all sound addictive. I’m especially curious about the morally ambiguous movements that Catwoman must involve.

  15. Adam875 says:

    So where do you teach?? I must learn the Buffy!

  16. You must explain how to do the Catwoman (Around the World) and whether or not it is suitable in the bedroom 🙂


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