March 16, 2004

I should clarify, by the way, that the attack of generalized fear and panic and self-loathing I referred to two days ago lasted about an afternoon, and now I’m over it. In fact, in my saner hours (which are in the majority most times) I understand exactly why he’s with me: I’m fabulous.

But it’s good to know E.S. recognizes that fact in moments when I can’t, and responds brilliantly.

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4 Responses to I should clarify, by the

  1. Wayne says:

    Yes! Fabulous!

  2. Jalal says:

    The kids is rebound and doesn’t know it yet.

  3. MzOuiser says:

    Someone once said that one of the jobs of a friend is to remind us who we are when we forget. And shouldn’t our loved ones be our closest friends?

    You’re right on the money.

  4. hot toddy says:

    Yes, yes, yes. You’re fabulous.


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