June 18, 2003

Several people have written me (well, all right, three) asking me whether the two items on this post’s second list are related—whether, in fact, the Anaerobic Physicist (don’t ask me why I’ve decided to call him that, because I don’t know) had finally come to his senses. Alas, the answer to both questions is no. The Anaerobic Physicist is on vacation until the middle of next month, which means that I couldn’t play the sympathy card with him even if I wanted to (oh, who am I kidding, of course I want to). Item #2 on the list is a direct result of the fact that I seem to have rejoined men4sexnow.com. The whole not getting any just started to get to me after a point.

I have also concurrently rejoined planet out. Tonight I have a date with someone from Bulgaria. The genius of this move escaped me until moments ago: if English is not his native tongue, then lapses in grammar and spelling don’t count!

At least not minor ones.

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One Response to Several people have written me

  1. Patrick says:

    Ask him if he likes oblak or rakiya (sp?). Or if he goes to Mehanata, a Bulgarian club in Chinatown that’s sorta gone down the tubes recently. The Bulgarian community is fairly connected here, actually.


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