October 27, 2002

In an effort to bring clarity into my life, I renamed the hard drive of my computer. It used to be called Beelzebub, after the Father of Lies.

Now it is called Elizabeth Bennett, after the heroine of Pride and Prejudice.

Unfortunately, things are as murky as ever.

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6 Responses to In an effort to bring

  1. D.R. says:

    As with everything else, I named mine after my dog.

  2. Alexis says:

    You liked Pride and Prejudice as well?

    I don’t think I named my hard drive.

  3. jennie says:

    is there, in fact, a zip drive named d’arcy? because if there is, you’ll be ok…

  4. Stacy says:

    Damn, that’s my favorite character from my favorite book…

    …urge to watch A&E 6 hour miniseries rising…rising…

  5. Choire says:

    I named mine “hard hard hard” after something a teacher friend of mine’s 6-year-old student used to say. Next, she shall be called Sherilynn Fenn.

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