September 26, 2002

I was so full of anxiety and indecision about the lone sock that I just kept knitting, failing to notice (until it was too late) that it had gotten so big it could only fit E.S.

Now I have to figure out how to get it to him. I don’t have his address in Boston. I could send it to his sister, who lives in the same building he lived in here, but that would mean I’d have to send a note along with it; a single sock showing up in the mail with no explanation would be too sinister for words. And what could a note possibly say? “Sorry I dumped your brother, this is his if he wants it.”

Here, in any case, is a picture of the sock.

Here is a picture of the sock close up.

Here is a picture of the sock probably just having done something it would prefer to keep to itself.

Maybe I should just frame the damn thing and leave well enough alone.

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3 Responses to I was so full of

  1. adam807 says:

    i have to say, that looks like a highly impractical sock. with what would he wear that? i say send it. the attempt to match his wardrobe will be the torture he deserves! 🙂

    (great knitting job, pattern aside!)

  2. Alexis says:

    Oooh, it’s cool looking. I wish I could knit like that. How long did it take you??

  3. Jeff says:

    Sorry about the blank post. I hit the return key when I meant to hit the shift key.

    What I meant to say was this: If you made the sock too large for you, then on some level you must have wanted to give it to him. You could just try sending the package to him “c/o” his sister and leave it at that.

    Also, I was only ever able to knit in a straight line, so I’m impressed that you can actually knit something other than a scarf.


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