July 23, 2002

I am terrified that I’m going to have a heart attack this weekend. Not only will it be the first weekend since I met T.H. that he and E.S. and I will all be in town at the same time, which will require enough juggling as it is, but my ex-boyfriend E.Y., whom I haven’t even seen for nine years, much less dated, has e-mailed me out of the blue that he and his partner broke up last month and he’s coming to New York on Friday and is dying to see me.

I figure I’ll be okay as long as I can keep from screaming out the wrong name during sex.

With any luck, I will fall madly, passionately, and irrevocably in love with E.Y. again, just in time for him to go back to Australia at the end of the week and leave me heartbroken and desolate.

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