June 10, 2002

This afternoon I went on a date with a guy I met through planet out. He sent me a very funny e-mail that contained no grammatical errors, so I had high hopes. The first several minutes went well—he was cute and smart and possibly funny (I couldn’t quite tell but there were promising glimmers). Then he mispronounced the word “cache”.

I wish I could let it not matter, but it ruined everything.

Then I went with some friends to see Unfaithful, which made me so tense and unhappy that about halfway through I started knitting. Then I dropped a stitch and couldn’t see to pick it up, so I had to stop; having nothing else to pay attention to, I was forced, cringing in discomfort and terror, to watch the movie. If only I had thought to put my eyes out with my knitting needles. And my eardrums.

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