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May 28, 2002

Note to self: be careful about giving your phone number to guys you meet online, because they will call you.

They will call you, in fact, at 5:19 in the morning.

Oh, well. At least there was leftover apple pie for me to eat before going back to sleep.

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May 26, 2002

If I keep insisting that E.S. is not my boyfriend, why have I baked him two apple pies and started knitting him a scarf?

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May 4, 2002

Today, after a guy I met through and I had sex, I told him I’d had a delightful time and would love to do it again some time. He said, “I like you, but I think I may not be enough of a top for you.” Meaning, of course, “You are not enough of a top for me.”

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be bothered by this, but the title of my ad is “tight bottom.” I mean, how much clearer can you get than that?

It’s okay, he misspelled “moniker” in his e-mail to me, so I had already written him off anyway.

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May 2, 2002

On Sunday I joined a web site called

I have been trying for four days to think of something amusing to say about this, but I have failed miserably.

Please forgive me.

At least is living up to its name.

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