January 30, 2012

A fun video of a song I wrote a few years ago.

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  1. TED says:

    I cannot believe that you would put ketchup on a hot dog.

  2. LaunderLust says:

    Was that you singing? What a fun song! Post more!!!

  3. Joel Derfner says:

    TED: I wanted to make it clear that the protagonist of the song and I are two different people. Hence the 7 train.

    LaunderLust: It was indeed me singing. As far as posting more, the musical I’m working on now is about a concentration camp, so I’m not sure how well it will lend itself to film.

  4. Frank says:

    Love it! You must have had fun (and no doubt much frustration) making that video. Well done.

  5. Casey 1988 says:

    What a funny song. You sound alot like a cousin of mine. Who has a gorgeous voice like yours.

  6. Ted says:

    That scarf you toss around yourself at the beginning of this video is really nice. Knitted by yourself? (Pattern source?)

  7. Joel Derfner says:

    Frank and Casey1988, thank you!

    Knitterguy, yes, I knitted it, but the pattern source was a scrap of paper from my LYS. It was just some incredibly simple cabling. Of course I have no idea where the scarf is now but if you’re really interested email me and I can take a look.


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