January 21, 2012

Is it because I'm gay that I don't get half the jokes on New Girl or because I'm old?
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  1. woollythinker says:

    Maybe because they’re just not that funny.

  2. Countervail says:

    I agree. The show would be better off with Zooey keeping her mouth closed and Max Greenfield with his shirt off more.

  3. Joel Derfner says:

    I actually think most of her lines are funny. It’s the straight-guy-douchebag jokes I don’t get. Like, what was with saying “twenty-nine” in a funny voice with that hand motion?

    I agree, though, about Max Greenfield and his shirt.

  4. goblinbox says:


  5. Casey 1988 says:

    The show New Girl seems to me that the show is porly written. By the way I never really saw a whole episode. I did watch a new show on animation sunday on Fox called Allen Gregory. I thought that was one of the best gay shows out there besides Its A Brad Brad World which I just decoverd . It sucks that Allen Gregory may not be continued for more seasons. (sorry for the long comment)


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