June 26, 2010

E.S.: Did you hear that Taco Bell is going out of business?
FAUSTUS: NO! Oh, my God, that’s so horrible! Why? How could such a thing happen?
E.S.: I don’t know. They looked at their profits and—
FAUSTUS: Wait a minute. Taco Bell isn’t going out of business, are they? You’re just saying that.
E.S.: Guilty as charged.
FAUSTUS: You’re so mean. You pass along vicious rumors just to make me feel bad.
E.S.: No, I make up vicious rumors just to make you feel bad.

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3 Responses to E

  1. E.A.M. says:

    Would that be “No, I make up just to make you feel bad”? =P

  2. daneil says:


  3. initials says:

    See, my boyfriend’s modus operandi doesn’t involve making fun, but rather going directly for the gold. He always finds an excuse to fondle my ass in the kitchen while I’m mincing something very fine with my biggest, sharpest, best-edged kitchen knife. It’s like he wants me missing digits, or himself dead!


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