November 12, 2009

Just overheard at the grocery store.

CUTE LESBIAN BOI GROCERY BAGGER: People just want to integredate you.
CUTE CASHIER: They don’t understand the suffition of pride.

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3 Responses to Just overheard at the grocery store

  1. Esther says:

    Should we be glad that at least they understand each other, or should we be very very scared that they do?

  2. initials says:

    Wow… That puts me in mind of Phrase Capping, and the truly awful usage Hasbro could put it to with canned movie scenes on a DVD. I can see the advertisments now… “The more you sound like Don King, the better your chance to bring home the bacon!”

  3. Paul says:

    OMG. NEw words are popping up every day!


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