September 9, 2009

The other day my dad told me that he was in a gang in high school. Then he told me the gang was called the Argonauts.

So close, and yet so far.

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6 Responses to The other day my dad told me that he was in a gang in high school

  1. Esther says:

    You could probably get yourselves into all sorts of adventure/trouble searching for Golden Fleece. Don’t discount your dad’s lack of “badness” too quickly. I would delve further into what these guys actually did in that gang….

  2. TED says:

    I am shocked at your ignorance of musical history. Did you really not know that in the original book for West Side Story, Arthur Laurents had called one of the gangs the Argonauts? Sondheim refused to write the lyrics until the gang names were made monosyllabic (even though Bernstein is reported to have said, “It’s kind of catchy, actually” when he heard “When you’re an Argonaut/ You’re an Argonaut all the way/ From your first golden fleece/ To your last dying day.”), and thus we got the Jets. Historians are divided on the subject, but most also believe that substituting the Puerto Rican Sharks for the original Gorgonzolas (a gang of recent Italian immigrants) was a good idea.

  3. initials says:

    Well, I’ve just got to say… If you’re ever in a dark room with your Dad, and you notice he’s missing a shoe, do yourself a favor and give up your Kingdom pre-emptively, ’cause he’s obviously got some SCARY friends (including some old bag named Hera, apparently).

  4. Cathy Young says:

    nice, thanks TED i also don’t know that, 🙂

  5. Cathy Young says:

    nice, and thanks TED i also don’t know that. 🙂

  6. D says:

    hahahahahahaha. brilliant.


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