September 2, 2009

Snippets of conversations from last night, as E.S. and I watched television.

(For the Top Chef elimination challenge, which involves cooking for 300 people on Nellis Air Force Base, Ash and Ashley have prepared a chocolate peanut butter bread pudding.)

E.S.: Yech.
FAUSTUS: What are you talking about? That sounds amazing and I want to make it right now.
E.S.: I would never put that in my mouth.
FAUSTUS: Honey, on a military base your mouth would already be full anyway.

On Glee, Terri has welcomed Will into her crafts room for the first time, for Wednesday night puzzle night.)

E.S.: Ooh, honey! Now we have to have Wednesday night puzzle night!
E.S.: Wait, every night I spend with you is puzzle night.

(The Glee cast has just sung “Don’t Stop Believin’ .”)

E.S.: Don’t stop believin’, sweetheart.
FAUSTUS: I stopped believing long ago.
E.S.: Actually, you never believed.
FAUSTUS: That’s true.

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2 Responses to Snippets of conversations from last night, as E

  1. OK4TDY says:

    E.S. is seriously the best.

  2. I know. FUCK him.


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