July 6, 2009

E.S., if you’ll remember, is a psychiatrist at a hospital.

He came home this evening in a particularly good mood.

When I asked what was making him so jolly, he said, “How many times in your life have you gotten to say the sentence, ‘So what were you doing with the machete?’ ?”

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6 Responses to E

  1. campbell says:

    With one ex, long jettisoned, it was, as an enquiry, practically routine.
    It was for him, I swear, that they invented the phrase ‘anger management issues’.

  2. lee says:

    I could have said it once, but I called the cops instead.

  3. Birdie says:

    Clearly, he has no children.

  4. Charleston Dave says:

    Now we know the title of the big dance number in Faustus’ next musical.

  5. initials says:

    That’s both hot and disturbing, Herr Doktor. Presumably, this patient was restrained at the time of therapy?

  6. campbell: Were they able to use the phrase at any point, or should you still be worried?

    lee: Did they say it, or did they just pull out the cuffs?

    Birdie: You are the mouth of truth.

    Charleston Dave: No, it’s the love song.

    initials: Yes. She was restrained by E.S.’s penetrating gaze.


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