June 30, 2009

This may be the best idea anybody has ever had.


Unfortunately, though I looked everywhere, I couldn’t find the practitioner, which leads me to believe either that he or she was killed by unhypnotized bacon shortly after erecting this sign or that there was in fact never any bacon hypnosis at all and this was a cruel joke played on me and the other market visitors by an uncaring fate.

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3 Responses to This may be the best idea anybody has ever had

  1. Kha says:

    If it was a cruel joke then whoever put this sign up was probably was killed by the unhypnotized pissed off hordes looking for said bacon.

  2. David says:

    Not sure I know what this means.

  3. Jeaux says:

    Bacon wouldn’t last very long if it was waved in front of me


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