May 15, 2009

Great. After sticking with it for years, after spending an entire season’s worth of Thursday nights whispering to myself, “Denny’s ridiculous and annoying reappearance is not shark-jumping, Denny’s ridiculous and annoying reappearance is not shark-jumping,” I decide to give up on Grey’s Anatomy two weeks ago. Now I can’t look at my computer screen without reading about the season finale, and it’s maddening because 1) I am furious that I missed it and 2) I kind of don’t care anymore.

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6 Responses to Great

  1. lee says:

    Well, darling, I saw it and I kind of don’t care anymore either. You missed nothing. A lot of hype that lead to a predicable cliff hanger about who dies. And as long as it’s not Bailey, who cares?

  2. David says:

    The restaurant?

  3. Todd says:

    OMG, Where have you been? We have missed you! As for the whole Grey’s Anatomy thing, I never really got into it. I am more of an Ugly Betty fan which may, in fact, make me gayer than you.

  4. initials says:

    Herr Doktor… At least you’re not addicted to Bones. As my beloved pain in the a… I mean, boyfriend… pointed out, that show’s gimick is jumping the shark at least once per episode. Lately, I’ve been feeling the same way as you feel about Grey’s Anatomy. As with Todd, I’ve never been a Grey’s Anatomy fan, which probably makes me dumber than you. I’m certainly not gayer.

  5. JamesR says:

    I feel the same about Grey’s Anatomy as do Todd, Lee and initials. It’s meh. However I’ve become (for me) rather involved with Brothers and Sisters. I may have missed that season finale though…

  6. Judy says:

    Grey’s is becoming one of those shows where you don’t see the characters as characters, just the actors portraying these “people”. Just like the way you cannot watch a Tom Cruise movie anymore and forget it’s really him, “playing” someone else.


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