January 26, 2009

N.B.: For this post you have to know that I am trying to break E.S. of a tendency to take excessive care of me. I’m not quite awake enough to make the obvious joke, but perhaps you could do me the favor of considering it, like Nanki-Poo’s execution, already accomplished.

This weekend I had to go to Los Angeles for the funeral of an elderly cousin. The funeral was at noon on Friday; because I teach Thursday nights, this meant I had to wake up at an hour that shouldn’t even exist to take a very early flight. Rather than pack my bag the night before leaving, I waited, as is my wont, until the morning of my departure. Though there was no call for him to do so, E.S. woke up and kept me company while I packed.

I got back late last night. Earlier this evening, E.S. and I had the following conversation:

E.S.: Sweetheart, next time you have to take a trip early in the morning, I would really appreciate it if you packed the night before you leave.
E.S.: Because it makes me anxious.
FAUSTUS: About what?
E.S.: That you’ll miss your flight.
FAUSTUS: And how is it your problem if I miss my flight?
E.S.: Well, then I’m stuck with you.
FAUSTUS: Get away from me.

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4 Responses to N

  1. I couldn’t say whether E.S. is right about your propensity to miss things (I haven’t witnessed it), only that you tend to lose things or forget to take them; for example, ID for the checkin, your phone, your wallet.

    All those might result in a missed flight, of course.

  2. Marc says:

    Love this, though I wouldn’t have taken you for the last-minute type on about anything. This type of conversation is so much like Jess and myself.

  3. JamesR says:

    I’m guessing that you and E.S. share a bed in the same bedroom. If you were packing at the last minute (something I excell at) E.S. may have had no choice but to wake up and keep company with you…
    I’m just sayin’…

  4. initials says:

    I find this conversation eerily similar to many I’ve had in the past with my ridiculous raw youth of a bf… Which is why I now pack only when he’s at his place, and I’m at mine. Of course, since we’re moving in together come August, it’s back into the frying pan with you!… Can’t really think of a better place to be. 😉


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