October 5, 2008

Okay, this is ridiculous.

I’ve been all over the web for hours and I can’t find it.

Where is the Obama/McCain slash fic?

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12 Responses to Okay, this is ridiculous

  1. Yusifu says:

    Yuck. I’d rather read Grover/Big Bird slash.

  2. birdfarm says:

    yuck indeed. i don’t want to think about mccain at all, never mind read any kind of fic about him.

    obama porn, now… unfortunately, when you google ‘obama porn,’ you get a lot of clean, safe galleries of photos of the beautiful candidate.

    if anyone knows where i can find believably photoshopped pix of the man in action, please let me know.

    though they are right, i guess… watching the non-photoshopped man play basketball is almost as good as your average porn, in achieving the desire result.

  3. initials says:

    Wow. Umm… I’d rather read Biden/Palin fic, actually. You know, a story of the hastily convened ACTUAL debate in which Biden leaps both podiums in a single bound and rips out Sarah’s throat with his teeth. That fictional enough for you? Alternately, you can just turn to pubilicity copy from the GOP. That already constitutes fiction.

  4. tycho says:



    also, +1 for the grover/big bird slash.

    have you checked livejournal?

  5. initials says:

    Apparently, I missed the bus on the definition of slash fic… I’d still rather see a McCain/Trans-Hillary piece, personally. I think it would be more horrifying. As for Sesame Street, why not Big Bird and Snuffaluffagus?

  6. S4MQueen says:

    The REAL question is: Is it SnuffaluFFagus OR SnuffaluPPagus? Now there’s a debate.
    I also personally think McCain looks a bit like the furry 4-legged creature. Fictionally speaking, I’d like to see Snuffaluffagus & Snuffaluppagus McCains slash each other with their giant hairy trunks. In a bad way. Is that soooo wrong?

  7. TED says:

    The correct spelling of Mr. Snuffleupagus’ name is a matter of record, not of debate.

  8. David says:

    It’s waiting for you to write it.

    And, frankly, be the only person to read it.

  9. kanishk says:

    Ok! so I know what I’m gonna be for the Halloween….Joe-the plumber (??)- I guess I need a I’ve-no-hair-on-my-head wig….and….hmmmm…some pillows to make me as fat…and probably a wrench in me arm….Voila! there you have Joe-the-plumber…wait! is he even a plumber?? Aye Joe!!!

  10. Andy says:

    Whadduyawannabet that Sarah Palin is the year’s most popular Halloween costume?

    And, please put me down for some Rowlf/Fozzie Bear slash. Thanks!

  11. goblinbox says:

    I can’t even believe you said that. *smirk*

  12. MiriyaB says:

    “I can’t even believe you said that. *smirk*”

    –I can! 😉

    Thanks for making me smile…


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