August 26, 2008

the greedy the people
(as if as can yes)
they steal and they buy
and they die for because
though the bell in the steeple
says Why

the chary the wary
(as all as can each)
they don’t and they do
and they turn to a which
though the moon in her glory
says Who

the busy the millions
(as you’re as can i’m)
they flock and they flee
through a thunder of seem
though the stars in their silence
say Be

the cunning the craven
(as think as can feel)
they when and they how
and they live for until
though the sun in his heaven
says Now

the timid the tender
(as doubt as can trust)
they work and they pray
and they bow to a must
though the earth in her splendor
says May

e.e. cummings

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5 Responses to the greedy the people

  1. Kenny says:

    It took about four read-throughs, but I think I understand now. And it is glorious.

  2. Aidan says:

    Glorious, but unsettling.

  3. birdfarm says:

    always loved this… thanks for the reminder.

    why unsettling?

    i’ve always found it centering, healing, and a reminder of the richness available to each of us in each moment of time, if we but open our hearts… see that’s why he’s a famous poet and i’m not… when i try to say the same thing i sound like a bad greeting card.

  4. Kenny: Isn’t it, though?

    Aidan: You should have seen my attempt to translate it into Italian. Now that was unsettling.

    birdfarm: I don’t know, I think greeting cards get a bad rap.

  5. birdfarm says:

    Aidan, just to clarify, that wasn’t meant to sound snotty. I didn’t mean to sound like you *shouldn’t* find it unsettling. I’m genuinely interested in why/how it unsettles…

    Faustus, p.s. thank you for posting it on our 15th anniversary šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    (in case you can’t make the chronology work – only 13 since the wedding, but we got married on our 2nd anniversary of being together… thank you again for singing at the wedding… an amazing gift!)


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