March 3, 2008

At one point this weekend, E.S. came into the room to see me finishing the last of a bag of Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix.

E.S.: Hey, I wanted some of that!
FAUSTUS (chewing): So?
E.S.: Okay, that’s it. Now you have to make me lunch.
(FAUSTUS gnaws on E.S.’s arm.)
FAUSTUS: There, you’re lunch.
E.S.: You’re an asshole.
FAUSTUS: I’d rather be an asshole than lunch.
E.S.: Oh, my God.

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4 Responses to At one point this weekend, E

  1. David says:

    What, did he think you’d rather be lunch? I thought you were getting married and he doesn’t even know you at all!

  2. TED says:

    I hope that you did prepare a lunch for him after that; otherwise, through a series of events that I won’t mention because a) it would be too painful to write, and b) you can well imagine it yourself, you are likely to end up in a country music song, which, obviously, would seriously undermine your quest to be the gayest man ever.

  3. David says:

    And then you had…

    I can’t even bring myself to go there anymore.

    Although for some, isn’t an asshole lunch?

  4. gabi says:

    I love it.

    But what on earth on Chocolate Turtle Chex Mexmixwhatevers…? Clearly I am out of the junkfood loop.


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