February 9, 2008

Here is a transcription of the message my father just left on my answering machine:

“Hi, Faustus, it’s Dad. I’m calling at about 1:00 on Saturday, March 9. Gee, today is Felix Mendelssohn’s birthday. Or is it Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s? Well, one of those. Give me a call, and I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks.”

I haven’t called him back, mostly because I don’t want to break his heart by telling him that it is neither Felix Mendelssohn’s birthday (February 3) nor Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s birthday (February 24).

But wait! I can totally forestall any potential heartbreak by telling him that it’s Carmen Miranda’s birthday!

Whew. That’s a relief. I mean, he’s old. So God only knows how much disappointment he can take.

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8 Responses to Here is a transcription of the message my father just left on

  1. Rkkggg says:

    But how will you explain to him that it is February, not March?

  2. TED says:

    The man survived your childhood and adolescence: nothing short of a direct nuclear hit is likely to shake him.

  3. Justin says:

    TED, that’s fresh.

  4. henry says:

    The 10th is Leontyne Price’s 81st – that’s a classy substitute for Mendelssohn/Longfellow

  5. Faustus, I thought you would have keyed in on Gypsy Rose Lee’s birthday before Carmen Miranda’s.

    But Rkkggg has a point. Unfortunately, if you’re forced to pretend it was March 9, your choices are pretty much narrowed down to Vita Sackville-West and Joyce Van Patten.

  6. Leo says:

    That is one of the sweetest post ever… Which I didn’t expect. =P

  7. David says:

    That’s odd, I get a kick out of pointing out to my parents factual errors they have made.

  8. Jonathan says:

    If it is March 9, it may not be Carmen Miranda’s birthday, but it is Ernesto Miranda’s (of the “Miranda Rights”).


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