February 5, 2008

The guys at stickK.com are evil, evil geniuses.

Click here for a brief discussion of the site, which was set up as a way to help people stick (get it? get it?) to their commitments. One sets one’s own parameters for the most part.

My new year’s resolution was to lift weights regularly so that, come May when my book is released, I’d be able to make public appearances in the most revealing outfits possible. However, like most of the rest of us, I found the flesh to be as weak as the spirit was willing and, after keeping my resolution faithfully for a week and a half, I allowed it to fall by the wayside.

But with the help of stickK.com, I have set up what I suspect will be a very effective arrangement.

Two days ago, I sent them a sum of money, which is to be held in trust for me. If, over the next three months, I lift weights for at least 45 minutes at least three times every week, then at the end of the three months they will send the money back to me.

If in a given week, however, I fail to lift weights for at least 45 minutes at least three times, stickK.com will send a portion of my money to the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy (“strengthening marriage for a new generation”).

In other words, if I fail, I strike a blow against same-sex marriage.

The thought of doing so is abhorrent to me.

I could just lie, of course, but to do so I’d also have to convince the friend stickk.com has insisted I recruit as a monitor to participate in the deception, and, since I’ve picked somebody with scrupulous morals, that would be a very difficult proposition.

Evil, evil geniuses.

I’d write more but I have to leave for the gym.

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3 Responses to The guys at stickK

  1. henry says:

    Intriguing concept. Now you can outsource your backbone.

  2. campbell says:

    Henry: How true. Based on the UK experience the backbone has probably been outsourced to a wildly overqualified science graduate in Bangalore or Chennai

    Faustus: remember to loosen the screws on the TV before you leave for the gym

  3. David says:

    Unfortunately I’m far too disciplined for this site to be of any use.


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