January 14, 2008

One would think that, having been less than three years ago the victim of this disaster, I would be smart enough to take all precautions that, should the event occur again, I had an easier and less costly solution.

One would be wrong. Off to San Francisco it is again.

The only thing different this time around is that they’ve raised their fees.

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9 Responses to One would think that, having been less than three years ago

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Oh dear, not again. Chili paste cakes all around, then….

  2. Chris says:

    stop downloading so much porn!

  3. Mike B. says:

    My sympathies…but c’mon, backup drives cost under two hundred bucks. One catastrophic failure was enough to make me a zealot.

  4. Jeffrey: Unfortunately I’m out of chili paste, so I think I’m going to have to use leeks.

    Chris: I considered it. But they told me it was highly unlikely that “downloading large files” was the cause.

    Mike: See “one would think . . . I would be smart enough to take all precautions. . . . One would be wrong.”

  5. adam875 says:

    I’m with Mike. And also, seriously, what are you DOING to your computer that this keeps happening? My Powerbook has been carted all over and dropped and bashed to shit and I don’t have these problems!

  6. TED says:

    This is what happens when you move to Brooklyn. Your hard drive decides that its life isn’t sufficiently fabulous and does whatever it has to do to get a trip to San Francisco.

  7. initials says:

    Ouch! One hopes you upgrade soon, to an OS that has automatic backup options, like 10.5. Invest in a cheap $100 backup drive, and hook it up once a week or so to save changes to your music and work files. Alternately, prepare to do this San Fran thing again in two years. Really, anything having to do with San Fransico should be far more pleasant than hard drive root canals, given your sexual identity… And good luck. I know this isn’t fun, as I had a worm eat my computer back in 2000 during exams. Let’s just say over 100 pages worth of papers (due in the 2-3 day timeframe) were eaten, and though my livlihood didn’t depend on them, my GPA did suffer a touch. Plus, I missed three work days that break due to physical exhaustion. Re-writing from notes is a b@#$h.

  8. Canada says:

    For chrissake, Joel! You’re a writer!!

  9. Angelo from SF says:

    Obviously, the logical thing to do would be to bring it to San Francisco yourself, thereby planting two trees (i.e., fix your computer and fall madly in love with me again) with one seed.

    I see no faults in this argument.


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