December 4, 2007

This evening, E.S. and I had the following conversation:

E.S.: So my cousin asked me whether he could push back his visit to late March instead of February.
FAUSTUS: Why wouldn’t he be able to?
E.S.: He was worried you might have Easter-weekend plans he’d be disrupting.
E.S.: He didn’t know you were a heathen.
FAUSTUS: Well, he can push back his visit.
E.S.: Do you have any Easter-weekend plans?
FAUSTUS: I’ll probably end up just killing your god and going to the movies, like every year.

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4 Responses to This evening, E

  1. chedwick says:

    You’ll miss out on those free dried palm tree fronds.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I’m glad that you realize and appreciate the importance of upholding tradition, my dear.

  3. JamesR says:

    Talk about the same old, same old…

  4. David says:

    You might want to clarify to E.S. that only non-monotheists are considered heathens.

    Then you can have sex.


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