November 24, 2007

For various reasons, E.S. and I spent Thanksgiving thousands of miles apart–he at home, I on the west coast with (among others) my father. I returned last evening, though, much to our mutual delight, and then we had the following conversation.

E.S.: So you’re coming with me to Home Depot tomorrow, right?
FAUSTUS: That’s an interesting idea.
E.S.: That means “no,” doesn’t it?
E.S.: That’s exactly how your father would say no.
FAUSTUS: No, it’s not. My father has far too much integrity to practice such a deception.
E.S.: Luckily, you don’t.
FAUSTUS: Isn’t it nice to have me back?
E.S.: …
FAUSTUS: Isn’t it?

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2 Responses to For various reasons, E

  1. David says:

    “And then we had sex.”

    Or was this a post-coital conversation?

  2. Todd says:

    David, you need to read it again. What do you think ‘much to our mutual delight’ means!


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