November 2, 2007

From a conversation I had the other day with my collaborator L. about which book a character in something we’re writing should be reading:

L.: Ooh, what about Moby-Dick?
FAUSTUS: That’s perfect!
L.: Hmm. Except that relentless obsession doesn’t really have that much to do with what we’re writing about.
FAUSTUS: I wouldn’t say Moby-Dick is exactly about relentless obsession.
L.: What would you say it’s about?
FAUSTUS: I think it’s about prioritizing badly.

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9 Responses to From a conversation I had the other day with my collaborator

  1. Jeff says:

    And then you and E.S. had sex.

    (Sorry… it’s a habit at this point.)

  2. Paul says:

    Relentless Obsession? How about Wuthering Heights then?

  3. lee says:

    I am stunned. I just realized that the previous web page reads “1 entries” for November. Faustus, how can you be associated with something so ungrammatical?

  4. initials says:

    Everyone knows why gay men are into Melville… Sailors, ‘The Bishop,’ an unending compulsion to collect white objects… I haven’t the foggiest regarding Herman’s sexuality, but believe based upon the aforementioned data that the man was a queer prophet. Read, screw and be merry!

  5. Jeff: You are not wrong.

    Paul: Or me in ninth grade. My friend D.E. was very, very attractive.

    lee: I’m choosing to interpret “1” as a substitute for “one” and “entries” as a verb (stress on the second syllable). I don’t know what “to entry” means, but at least the grammar is civilized.

    initials: I think I prefer your last line to the Skeptics’ version.


  6. initials says:

    If painting Herman Melville as an effective (if primitive,) dealer in literary rough trade is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  7. bob says:

    I thought you might be amused to know that this entry triggered the site blocker at the law firm I work for. “faustus goes to an orgy” “faustus is in a pronographic movie”– nothing. But mention the words Gay and Moby-Dick? You’re outta here! (or maybe it was the reference to melville)

  8. goblinbox says:

    You’re still funny.

  9. kieran says:

    Faustus, where are you…


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