March 20, 2007

What I Learned on My Trip to Egypt

by Faustus

1. Omar Sharif doesn’t look as good from the back.

2. The paucity of gay clubs in Egypt (I guess the whole “being gay is punishable by time in prison with hard labor oh and by the way you can’t appeal the sentence” thing gets in the way) leads boys who would ordinarily become go-go dancers to do this instead.

3. The camera really does add ten pounds.

(No fucking way am I posting a link.)

4. No matter where you go on earth, you will never escape the Titanic song.

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8 Responses to What I Learned on My Trip to Egypt by Faustus 1

  1. Workerbee says:

    Yes, but surely there’s more to Egypt than just the gay thing. Please, please don’t be the stereotypical American gay tourist (yes there is a stereotype…). Egypt is fascinating, amazing. Surely you liked something? I’m disappointed. Expected better of you.

  2. What leads you to believe that this post will be all I’ll have to say about my trip?

  3. gordon says:

    While you were visiting some of the darker, more wholly roofed temples along the Nile and out of the sight of the rest of your companions and your tour guide, did no temple guardian slide out from behind a column and make it clear by pantomime gestures that he wanted to fuck you there and then? Tell more please…

  4. campbell says:

    Oooer!; bit of a sense of humour failure there Workerbee. Personally, I find observations 3 and 4 profound and timely.

  5. chris says:

    welcome back!

  6. Jeffrey says:

    3a. Photoshop, however, can remove 15 pounds.

  7. Teddy says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is about a little jail time. You’d be surrounded by tops who don’t speak your language: I’m not seeing the downside. Rent or buy Egyptian Hard Labor from your local porn dealer and see what you missed.

  8. birdfarm says:

    Welcome back. FYI, before the Titanic Song existed, there was Wham!. I was awakened on my first day in China–aboard a boat that was preparing to cruise down the Yangtse–by the soft strains of “Careless Whispers” piped over the PA. Ah, the exotic orient.


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