January 15, 2007

If you haven’t seen the scale model of the Battle of Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings, you must go here at once. I should warn you, however, that possible reactions include wanting to take out a contract on your significant other’s life and the life of this man’s girlfriend so you can have him to yourself.

I mean, I’m just assuming.

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15 Responses to If you haven’t seen the scale model of the Battle of Helms Deep

  1. campbell says:

    My word. I mean, you can feel the enamel falling from your teeth just from looking at the pictures. A mighty achievement nevertheless. Can we look forward to your knitted tableau of the Siege of Minas Tirith in due course?

    34 treating you well?

  2. Rex says:

    You seem to be an interesting person.And I like your blog.But the key point is,I prefer your boyfriend and I think he is much better than you,no kidding.

  3. chris says:

    oh my god! part of me is amazed, i dont know what the other part of me is…

  4. eric says:

    I’m with you, my dear. I want to kill that man’s girlfriend, convert him to homosexuality, and make him love me.

    That hit every one of my vices – ok, there aren’t many, but they are: Lord of the Rings fetishism and candy.

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  6. Adam875 says:

    The really amazing thing is that he has a girlfriend.

  7. Car.Con. says:

    All those precious gummibears…

  8. Esteban says:
  9. David says:

    Actually you would be wrong.

    An admirable achievement, but, um, well, yikes and keep him away from the kids.

    I do however, envy the skajillion comments he elicited. I’d build a candy replica of the Battle of Hastings if it got me traffic like that.

  10. Sin says:

    I’m with David. The man can stay and be single, but only if he’s locked away in a dungeon under my strict supervision.

  11. Karen says:

    I can only wonder how quickly his mom heaved the whole mess.

  12. birdfarm says:

    Darling, you didn’t read carefully–he has brothers, plural. I believe some research into their age, sexual orientation and relationship status is in order. Perhaps you need only be guilty of kidnapping, rather than double murder.

    David, I’m sorry to say that in this benighted era, I’m guessing a scale model of the Battle of Hastings in any medium would not net you very many comments. Perhaps something from Braveheart?

  13. Andy says:


    The really amazing thing is that he has a girlfriend.

    Not when you consider that she did “the Hold” and that’s why it’s so badass. This sounds like a match made in Rivendell.

  14. goblinbox says:

    Those images gave me diabetes.

  15. Blobby says:

    It’s too cheery to be Helm’s Deep


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