October 23, 2006

The other night, after E.S. and I had sex, I dropped my head onto the pillow and shut my eyes.

“What are you doing?” he said.

I did not open my eyes. “I’m going to sleep.”

“No,” he said. “We have to stay up and talk about our emotions.”

I really should have pushed him in front of the N train when I had the chance.

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9 Responses to The other night, after E

  1. sam says:

    Emotions?!? Was it make-up sex?

  2. KB says:

    Good Lord. When did E.S. become a lesbian?

  3. MzOuiser says:

    Isn’t this role reversal?

  4. David says:

    How long did it take for you to smother him with the pillow?

  5. will says:

    So tell me…how does that make you feeeeeeeeeeeel?

  6. timothy says:

    Change the locks.

  7. Groomzilla says:

    You guys still have sex?

  8. Dharma says:

    LMAO. I would swear commenter David and TGF are one in the same, because that truly is how she could respond. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Jeffrey says:

    It’s like with dogs when their owners start to look like them. Do you often mistake him for A. as well?


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