October 17, 2006

Okay, if I am not the last person on earth to have found out about “How Not to Act on J-Date,” then you must go here at once. Have the sound on; you’ll need it.

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9 Responses to Okay, if I am not the last person on earth to have found out

  1. This incident is completely scary, borders on psychotic.


  2. Gerard says:

    I’d really like to meet this gentleman…

  3. Andy says:

    I was just telling coworkers about the time I arranged a date online and met this guy at a Starbucks on the UWS. He walked in, looked at me, said, “Andy?” I said, “Yup!” and he said, “Ehh…sorry, I don’t think so,” and turned around and walked back out. See, I thought that was low. But now reading about Darren Sherman, I think I got off easy.

  4. Todd says:

    OH My Go. . .

  5. Peter says:

    Thanks for the link! Scary, this darren sherman, isn’t it?

    He actually called me about a week after I broke this story, threatening to sue me and all that. I found it funny as hell.



    -Peter (another Manhattan dater, but one with MUCH better manners and class than Darren.)

  6. Logan says:

    Ever seen Family Guy? He sounds like (and probably has the same mental faculties as) Peter Griffin.

  7. David says:

    So he’s still single and available, right?

  8. GaryS says:

    Ok, I can top Andy.

    I, like Andy met this on-line date at a Starbucks a couple of months ago. We got our respective beverages, sat down and began to chat.

    But before I was able to resond to his first question, my beau picked up his latte, stood and said, “This ain’t gonna work”, and left.

    Then, a couple of weeks ago, I received a call from him (!)asking “Hey, wanna give it another try?”

    Uh, no.

  9. goblinbox says:

    You weren’t the last person. I was. OMFG, what a dork!


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